Mastopexy - Breast lift augmentation reduction

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift, or mastopexy, helps women with breasts of any size to regain a more youthful appearance by correcting the shape, sagging (known as ptosis) and softness of their breasts without significantly altering their size. Choosing to undergo a breast lift will also improve asymmetrical or lopsided breasts that may have resulted from unequal development, or to match a natural and a reconstructed breast.

Reasons to get a Breast Lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, gaining and losing weight, or the natural ageing process can cause a loss of breast volume and diminished skin elasticity. The skin and supporting structures are stretched during these times of significant change in the body, leaving the breasts flat and thin and the nipple areola complex descended disproportionately to the breast. Feelings of low self-esteem that ensue for some women are alleviated by having the contour and shape of their breasts improved.

Please note that women planning subsequent pregnancies are advised to delay breast lift surgery as pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the skin and negate the benefits of the procedure.

Breast Lifts, Breast Augmentation & Breast Reductions

The position of the nipple and the starting size and shape of the breast determines the type of breast lift procedure to be performed. Some patients combine a mastopexy with breast augmentation surgery which helps to increase breast volume, fullness, and tighten any excess skin, and/or to reduce the size of the areolae and amend their position and orientation. Women with larger, heavier breasts may opt for a breast reduction in conjunction with the mastopexy procedure to further assist in positioning the breasts higher on the chest. Whatever your situation, our surgeons will discuss the options with you to choose the best techniques to suit your desired outcome.

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

The breast lift procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and typically takes two to three hours to complete. It is a day case procedure but may involve an overnight stay in hospital. A support bra must be worn post-surgery for six weeks to help counteract the effects of gravity on the reshaped breast, and for your comfort. Our team can help you to choose the right bra.

Breast Lift Recovery

Recovery from the operation and making a return to work is typically two weeks, with six weeks recommended before resuming vigorous exercise, sport and activities involving heavy lifting. Any numbness in the breasts and nipples should reduce concurrently with your post-operative swelling, but may last for a little while after. We will regularly meet with you following your surgery to ensure your path to recovery is as easy as possible.

Once healed, mastopexy patients are pleased to be able to choose clothing and swimwear that they may have previously felt embarrassed to wear. As the breast lift procedure involves removal of excess sagging skin, some women note that their bra cup size decreases slightly.

Breast Lift Health Fund Rebate

Although a breast lift is considered to be an elective cosmetic surgical procedure, in some cases leading private health funds may grant a partial rebate. Please consult your family doctor to discuss your eligibility to claim private health care rebates and to obtain a referral to present to Dr Turner’s office.

Make an appointment with Dr Turner’s office to talk through the choices available to you for lifting and reshaping your breasts to restore their youthful appearance.