Breast augmentation, implants

Breast Augmentation

An increasing number of women are seeking breast augmentation to boost their self-confidence by improving small or uneven breasts, correcting breast asymmetry, or restoring the fullness of their breasts following pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast augmentation increases breast volume, rejuvenating and lifting breasts to give a more youthful, feminine appearance.

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Plastic Surgery Team

Dr Turner and her team are highly experienced in breast augmentation procedures. At your initial consultation, our surgical team will help you to navigate the implant options to ensure you are making the best decision for your body and lifestyle. We will undertake a thorough assessment, including detailed measurements to decide whether your breasts simply require an increase in size (breast enlargement), or whether their position needs to be heightened by removing excess skin and lifting the nipple areolar to its original position.

Breast Implants

When it comes to breast implants, only the highest quality silicone implants are offered to our patients. They are available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles to suit your unique situation and desired outcome. The placement of your breast implants and the required incisions are also considerations and will be determined when our surgeon meets with you. The implants can be placed under the breast, under the pectoral muscle, under the fascia overlying the pectoral muscle, or a combination of the latter two (known as the dual-plane technique). Greater customisation is afforded by the dual-plane technique and it is one of the latest developments in breast augmentation surgery. It is an excellent choice for both improving droopiness of the breasts and for when better muscle coverage is required to avoid rippling and palpability of the breast implant edges. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, which your surgeon will discuss with you, advising which is the best option for you and answering any of your questions.

Breast Surgery and Recovery Details

Patients need to be in good physical and emotional health for the procedure which is performed as a day or overnight-stay surgery under general anaesthetic, typically taking one to two hours to complete. Recovery time is typically one to two weeks, and patients can return to work within the same period of time. Patients are asked to avoid any heavy lifting or intense exercise for six weeks following breast surgery. In addition to gathering pre-surgery information from you about allergies, any previous breast surgeries or breast symptoms, our surgical team will provide you with comprehensive advice about your pre- and post-operative care and ensure you are fully informed about the procedure and all possible side effects.

Dr Turner and her team invite you to make an appointment in order discuss your goals for breast augmentation, breast enlargement, or breast enhancement, and to determine the best path to achieving good quality, natural looking results.